St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School - Main hall sound system

We were asked to provide sound and lighting installs for the main school hall.

Historically we have been involve with this school for quite some time. Having completed installs for them in the past and having a service contract to service said installs, along with their across site paging system comprising of over 375 speakers.

This part of the install covered the sound system.

The system requirements from the client were as follows:

1. System must be very simple to use for staff and external hires

2. system must be able to be secured to not allow unauthorised access

3 System must be expandable to allow future-proofing

4. We run several shows and events a year. The system must be able to handle this with minimal effort

5. When we do need to hire in equipment, it must integrate seamlessly

6. Must be reliable and backed by a service contract from yourselves

7. We require stage monitors to allow cast and presenters to hear

Based on this, we supplied a Yamaha MTX5-D digital system processor to manage the overall system. Two QSC 12" speakers provide the front of house sound, along with an 8" speaker to fill the side area. These are complimented by a double 12" QSC sub mounted at high level on stage, well out of the way. There are also two permanently mounted 8" QSC speakers mounted above to stage for stage monitors.

There are 4x Sennheiser G4 radio microphones which can be used on a day-to-day basis. There is also an audio input located next to the system control panel inside a secure box. This allows them to plug in a latop, iPad, wired microphone etc to use in conjunction with their 4x wireless microphones.

Being a Dante based processor, when we provided an additional 12 radio microphones and 16 microphones to cover the orchestra for their production of Hairspray, we were able to just plug straight into the system with a single network cable. This reduced our hire cost as long multi-core cables and stage monitors weren't required.

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