Urinetown - BAOS - Redgrave Theatre

Lighting and Atmospherics

Rose Bowl Critique:

'Entering the auditorium we were met by low lighting and copious amounts of smoke – an illusion that would be used heavily throughout the evening to terrific effect. The wide expanse of the Redgrave stage was large clear and at the back were graffiti covered flats and a raised upper level. Given the reduced lighting state, as people took their seats you were immediately drawn into the atmosphere of the city and the swirling smoke patterns interacting with the lighting was an original way creating an early mysterious landscape. Lots of greens and deep blues as the house lights went down. The set was decorated with ladders and even bus seats and I thought the downstage traps were used really effectively especially with the fog that emerged with the characters…. and there was a lot of fog! Could have been overplayed in any other production because it can linger too long – but here it was appropriate and abundant.'

'Lighting by Chris Horseman, Peter Larter-Stow, Oli Wareham and Alistair Barrows was atmospheric and very nicely designed – effectively murky at times and complementing the atmosphere well. Cueing was sharp too.'

Ross Harvey - Rosebowl Adjudicator

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