Jeckyl & Hyde - BAOS - Redgrave Theatre

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Lighting and Atmospherics

'A complex lighting plot. Overall there was an appreciation of the mood of the show here - glowing candles gave a sense of the Gothic, narrow shafts of light on Jekyll's study immediately established the contentious nature of his work and a frequent sense of shadow on stage also set an atmosphere of unease and at times fear. Distribution effectively underlined the social theme as the 'poor' were often positioned on the edges of light. During the Board of Governors scene, tinges of colour were effectively used to light up part of the faces of the resolute Governors, underlining the uncertainty of their response to Jekyll. There were moments in this show when the lighting was so effective: we felt assaulted by the bombardment of effects - the upstage blinders used to mark key entrances, the red tone lighting faces during the murder scene and the very clearly defined storm prior to Lucy's murder. Washes on the upstage cyc' were a good way to underline the varying moods. Final scene was beautifully realised with the impactful blocks of green light.'

Rebecca Thompson - Rose Bowl Adjudicator

'The cast were always well lit and there were several well thought out atmospheric lighting cues. Well done to Chris Horseman and Toby Abbot. And Peter Larter and George Mailin who were in charge of the follow spots which worked well and on time. Well done to all of them for their hard work.'

Tony Winston - NODA SW Representative

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