The Life - TWORX - The Olympus Theatre

Lighting, Atmospherics, Sound and Set Pieces

Rosebowl Critique:

'Dry ice was used at various times, to great effect and this enhanced all of the lighting states. The signs, ‘HOTEL’, ‘LACYS’ ‘XXX MOVIES OPEN 24 HOURS’, were lit in red, blue and green. Gobos were used to depict light falling between the bars of cellar trap doors, windows and the jail house – these were very effective. When gunshot wounds were mentioned, the stage was briefly bathed in crimson lighting – this attention to detail was superb. To heighten the intensity, some of the scenes, for example between Lou and Jojo, were lit in an exquisite icy blue. The slatted light cast across Mary at the end of Act One as she stood atop the ‘balcony’ was very effective indeed. The Hookers’ Ball was fabulously lit. Two mirrored disco balls were suspended above the action and magenta lights picked up all the sparkles of the sequin-covered bar. Vivid, green light bathed the stage for the gambling scene and this looked great. This was complimented by a central spotlight rotating circles on the floor and a violet light slicing through the green light. The eerie sound of sirens played-out at the very start of the show and these added to the dry ice and coloured lighting, which culminated in creating the street scenes. The spotlight was used to very good effect, when various characters had an up-close moment of clarity, or despair, the light enhanced them for a moment in time. The sounds of car horns and sirens at the mouth of the Lincoln Tunnel in Act 2 were very effective and created an atmosphere of destitution combined with the fear of what was to come... Overall; the suggestions of time and location were very clearly brought to effect. A very good input from this department.

Clare Toghill - Rosebowl Adjudicator

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