Bristol Old Vic Theatre School - Play in a day

Spirolux has been teaching at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School for over 10 years.

After last years 'Play in a day' production of the 'Play that goes wrong' we thought it would be a great idea to run a similar production with this years first years.

Imagine it... 22 students given scripts at 0830, and told their performance (with audience) will begin at 1600.

We divided the year group into cast, lighting crew, sound crew, set construction and stage management. We then managed by day by providing continued support, but overall taking a back seat and allowing the students to organise and arrange themselves.

Gosforth's Fete was the chosen piece. Publican Gosforth is running the village gala. Due to a big mistake bad personal news from Milly Carter is publicised over the public-address system. Milly’s fiancé Stewart Stokes becomes extremely aggravated and drowns his sorrows with alcohol. Councillor Mrs Pearce, after the most disorganised greeting is electrocuted by the PA system. Gosforth's Fete starts like all village fetes do. However it develops into chaos and as things continue to go wrong the play climaxes to a complete disaster!

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