Bristol Old Vic Theatre School - Live musician workshop

As part of our continual training and workshop sessions at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, we brought in an MD, Ash (Musical Director) friend of ours to allow the students to work directly with someone else in the industry.

Ash is an accomplished Pianist, Violinist, Saxophonist, Flautist, as well as being able to play many other instruments. We used his skills to great effect by using the multi-track abilities of the Yamaha TF1 sound desk and recorded several separate tracks, while layering them over the previously recorded ones. This enables us to build the overall track piece by piece in the same way as Ash would to produce backing tracks and rehearsal CDs.

This hugely benefited the students as they were able to mix multiple channels, learn how to interact and communicate with a professional, along with gaining a practical and working knowledge of standard equipment straight from their industry.

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