BODS - Legally Blonde

'PINK is the colour that dominates this show, and “In the Pink” are the  words that describe Steve Blackmore’s silky smooth production for Bath Oper­atic and Dramatic Society.'

'That light frothy feeling you get with this colour is reflected in every aspect of the production,... all combine to keep this show bubbling along like a well-made souffle.'

'Add two lovable dogs to the cast, Lola and Sammy playing Bruiser and Rufus to give the show that “ahhh” factor, and  unless you hate modern musical and are looking for a more serious storyline then you will find this smartly delivered production a fun evening at the theatre.'

- The Fine Times Recorder

'Legally Blonde: The Musical at the Theatre Royal, Bath this week is as deliciously fabulous as you could hope.

Although technically an ‘amateur’ production – you would never guess from the polished show and superb array of sets and costumes.'

'Yes, of course the details are outrageous. No real courtroom will break out in song and dance discussing whether a witness is gay or just European to hilarious effect.

But the basic premise of the challenges people face when they don’t fit into the expected typecast or don’t have the embedded privilege of their peers is all too real.'

- SomersetLive

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